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This page is dedicated to works that are currently on Exhibition.


'Stardust' at Red Hill Gallery November 2018


‘an enchanting, dreamlike state or mood; starry-eyed quality’
                                                                                                            (Collins Dictionary)


The title of my latest solo exhibition ‘Stardust’, encapsulates both my process of making and the feeling of viewing the final work.

Vincent van Gogh once said ‘Go out and paint the stars’ and that quote was the inspiration that has been inside me while painting this entire body of work. I have taken that advice both literally, in my series of starscapes and almost enchantingly, as it feels as though my every brushstroke has been undertaken in a dream-like state.

In many ways, this exhibition is an extension of my Wanderlust show, encompassing my passion for painting the places that have left their magic ingrained on my very being. Aside from cityscapes from Brisbane, Paris, London, New York and more, the rest of the show, including the brand-new Tiffany & Co. series, is an enchanting mix of the figurative, still life and fantasy.

Stardust is my first exhibition since opening at La Nouvelle Eve in Paris and has been a labour of love. A love borne of the beauty of the night’s sky, the colours, the people and the places that make this world so beautiful to see and interpret through my very own ‘starry-eyes’…   


Below are examples from the exhibition


150 x 100cm


Paris is always a good idea

90 x 60cm Framed


The World is Yours

50 x 60 cm



The World Awaits

120 x 90 cm



Tiffany & Co. Selfie

90 x 60 cm


Enchanted Dreams

120 x 60 cm






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